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This category shows the new research projects that are initated under the IMER Bergen umbrella.

New PhD fellow at IMER Bergen: Trespassing the borders of Europe.

Migrants walking along the road between a semi-open return centre and a small town in the countryside an hour away from Oslo.

Migrants walking along the road between a semi-open return centre and a small town in the countryside an hour away from Oslo.

Halvar Andreassen Kjærre is the second of our two new PhD fellows at IMER Bergen this year. He also started his project in October and he will follow IMER Bergen for four years. His scholarship is connected to the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen. Kjærre’s PhD project investigates irregular/illegalized migration in Europe, and he will mainly focus upon three countries within the Schengen area: Norway, Sweden and Italy. Rather than investigating how migrants settle in a certain places or neighbourhoods, Kjærre will “follow the migrants” around. Continue reading

New PhD fellow at IMER Bergen: Mobility and the Politics of Place.


Wanvik carried out research into Norwegian companies and their strategic and tactical use of CSR towards local stakeholders in Indonesia. Here we see one of the projects by Statoil in Mamuju, West Sulawesi.

In October Tarje Wanvik started working as a PhD fellow at IMER Bergen.  His scholarship is connected to IMER Bergen and the department of Geography at the University of Bergen. Wanviks PhD project will investigate the nature and consequences of encounters between transnational companies and how they interact with the relatively poor communities where they establish to gain profits. Among other things Wanvik will focus upon how expatriate managers and skilled workers interact with the local communities where they work. He will investigate how Norwegian companies abroad are received and perceived within the communities they operate. Are they subject to territorialising forces, and if so, are they responding relevant to local expectations? Continue reading


PROVIR Provision of Welfare to ‘Irregular Migrants’

Researcher project – VAM
How can welfare societies best deal with the issue of irregular migration? This question is currently high on the political agenda across Europe and beyond. This project aims to provide a combined judicial and social science approach to the provision of welfare to ‘irregular migrants’ in Norway. By combining a judicial and social science approach, the project will investigate the complex relationship between law, institutional practice, and migrants’ lived experience. Given the special vulnerability of children who are in an irregular situation, particular attention will be given to how the provision of welfare to irregular migrants affects the lives of children. Continue reading



Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Newsletter Nr. 10 / 2007


  • (IMER/UiB):Exploring Diversity Seminar Series: Prof. Oded Stark, 7 december
  • (HL-SENTERET/EPHE) CFP: How to Integrate Minority Narratives in National Memory?
  • MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY: The Advanced Economic Update
  • (LOVA): CFP: International conference: “Ethnographies of Gender and Globalization”
  • (ÅBO AKADEMI UNIVERSITY) : CFP:19th Nordic Conference in Sociology of Religion
  • CFP: Fifth International Conference “Hierarchy and power in the history of civilizations”
  • (Tsinghua University): New master programme in international development:
  • (CERI): Call for submissions: “Categorisation and Migration”
  • (CRONEM):CFP: “Nationalism, Ethnicity and Citizenship: Whose Citizens? Whose Rights?”
  • Publications Continue reading